Cheese Evening

Cheese Tasting

All kinds have different characteristics such as taste, colour, aroma, flavour, texture, softness, mould content and holes, but do you know your Stinking Bishop from an Acapella or your Timberdoodle from a Shepherd’s Hope? Join us on Thursday 29th September for an evening of all things cheese and discover how the acidity in wine compliments these artisanal pleasures. Choose a selection from each category of soft, medium and hard cheese on the menu before concluding the event with a wildcard variety. Each course will be paired with wine specially selected and perfectly balanced to enhance flavours with equal intensity. For example, as cheese ages and loses water content, it becomes richer in flavour due to increased fat content. These two attributes are ideal for matching bold red wines because the fat content in the cheese counteracts the high tannins in the wine. Sweeter wines match wonderfully with stinky, washed-rind, and blue veined because the sweetness in the wine helps balance the “funk” in the cheese and makes it taste creamier. Also, the “stink” of the cheese will help balance the sweet taste of the wine.

Cost: Tickets are £40 including six different cheeses with six different wines and 10% discount on all bottles of wine purchased from the shop during the evening.

The ticket sales has ended!