Regional France Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

France is a country synonymous with fine wine and any map of the regions will show, there are vineyards scattered throughout the country responsible for producing between seven and eight billion bottles a year. Wines are produced in every region of France except those along the north coast although surprisingly it comes third behind Spain and China in terms of the amount of land given over to wine production. Generally speaking, France’s wine region map can be divided into northern vineyards reputed for white wines and southern vineyards (with the exception of the Jura and Savoy) for reds. Join 22 Clifton on a journey from Bordeaux to Burgundy, Provence to the Loire Valley.

Cost: Tickets are £45 including six different wines, an artisan platter (made to dietary requirements)and 10% discount on any bottles purchased from the shop during the evening. email us at to book now!