Terms and Conditions

For private events:

  1. All prices are correct at the time of going to print and are inclusive of VAT at the current rate. Prices may vary if the prevailing rate of VAT changes. Prices are subject to change.
  2. Your chosen date is only secured once the deposit of £10 per person has been received, this is payable within 48 hours of booking. If you have chosen exclusive use, the full £5,000 is payable to secure your booking, the difference will be refunded within 72 hours after your event, subject to your party reaching the minimum spend.
  3. All additional event charges incurred on the day must be settled on the day of the function without exception.
  4. Due to music restrictions, live music is to finish at 11pm, background music by midnight.
  5. The Bar closes at 11pm on weekdays and midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.
  6. 22 Clifton will try wherever possible to assist customers with the storage of personal property; cakes etc but accept no liability for any damage or loss. 22 Clifton will not accept responsibility for any goods consigned to the Bar or any of its staff in connection with any event, nor will it be responsible for any freight, carriage, or delivery charges.
  7. No food or beverage will be permitted to be brought into 22 Clifton without the permission of the Bar, 22 Clifton reserves the right to make a charge for the service of said food or beverage (except for Special Occasions cakes).
  8. All food and drink consumed on the premises must have been purchased from 22 Clifton. The management and staff of 22 Clifton have the right to confiscate any such items from customers. All confiscated items will be returned to customers at the end of the event.
  9. We reserve the right to stop any activity which we reasonably believe is likely to cause damage to the interior or exterior of the venue or to risk of safety of people at 22 Clifton. We will not tolerate any abusive behaviour by guests to other guests or members of staff. We reserve the right to remove any persons acting inappropriately at the event.
  10. Should 22 Clifton, for reasons beyond its control, need to make any amendments to your booking, we reserve the right to offer an alternative of facilities. 22 Clifton may cancel the booking if:
    • The booking might, in the opinion of the Bar, prejudice the reputation of 22 Clifton.
    • Payments are not received by the agreed date.
    • If the Bar or any part of it is closed due to fire, alteration, or re-decoration, by order of any public authority, or through any reason beyond the 22 Clifton's control.
  11. In the unfortunate circumstances that you must cancel or postpone the confirmed booking, costs incurred for any equipment or external companies hired by the Bar on your behalf will be added to any cancellation fee. The following charges will apply:
    • Events cancelled within 1 month will lose 100% of the deposit.
    • Events cancelled within 3 months will lose the 50% of the deposit.
    • Events cancelled outside of 6 months will be refunded the booking deposit in full.
    • Any cancellation or postponement must be addressed in writing to the Manager.
  12. 22 Clifton reserves the right to veto any external entertainment or activities, which have been arranged by the client and cannot accept liability for any costs incurred.
  13. No signs, displays, decorations or other material may be fixed to the walls of the Bar without prior authorisation.
  14. The organiser shall be responsible for any damage caused to the Bar or to furnishings, utensils and equipment therein by an act, default or neglect of the customer; sub-contractor or guest of the organiser, and shall pay to the Bar on demand, the amount required to make good or remedy any such damage.
  15. Any damage caused to 22 Clifton, our equipment, contents, or fittings will be invoiced directly to the responsible person immediately after the event.
  16. The Bar does not accept, to the maximum extent permitted by Law, any liability for loss or damage to property, death, illness, or injury except through our own negligence.
  17. In line with government legislation, we operate a non-smoking policy across all areas of 22 Clifton, this includes the use of electronic cigarettes.
  18. CCTV is in operation in the public areas of 22 Clifton and video & audio recordings may be made. This activity is carried out for security and service reasons for the better management of 22 Clifton and security for all its customers and staff.
  19. Children must always be supervised by a responsible adult, under 12’s must leave by 9pm.
  20. No advertising material or decorations may be fixed to walls, ceilings, floors etc. within 22 Clifton. The customer is liable for the cost of making good any damage to the fabric of the Bar caused by the negligence of their guests or suppliers.
  21. The organiser is responsible for the behaviour and actions of their guests while at 22 Clifton. Inappropriate behaviour may result in your event being stopped early or cancelled. The organiser is also responsible to any stolen stock and breakages and ensuring everyone at the event is an invited guest.
  22. We reserve the right to make changes to the interior and/or exterior of the Venue between the time we accept your booking and the date of your event.

For ticketed events:

  1. Tickets purchased are only redeemable for the date and event booked.
  2. In the event the ticket holder is unable to attend 22 Clifton vouchers may be offered in exchange should 72hrs or more notice be provided.
  3. No cash value will be exchanged for tickets purchased or vouchers.
  4. All vouchers must be redeemed within six months of the date of original ticketed event.